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Business Continuity

Why Outsourcing Business Continuity?

If power failures, IT system crashes, supply chain problems or even natural disasters could become in your worst nightmare, Let us give you a hand helping you in create, execute and maintain your current back up solution. This includes all policies, new add and assure the correct backup execution on daily basis. Perhaps re-thinking about it you’ve decided to revisit your plan. Depending on you backup strategy, we can help at single tasks or taking total ownership on the back up, interacting at tape handling, backup monitoring, policy creation and restoring data on demand, depending on your business needs and at agreed SLA for response.

Disaster Recovery as service: We provide a complete solution around DR, hosting servers, storages and all necessary components to assure a rapid and tested Disaster recovery solution. As part of the service we include annually exercises to measure times and validate all processes in a DR event.

Infrastructure Support Multibrand Break Fix Service & IMAC (Installation Move Add & Change) Disaster recovery planning and implementation, system patches updates, bug fixes, and proactive monitoring tasks, TRU (Temporary Replacement unit), Remote and non-remote sites.
Back up as a Service Monitoring, policy creation and restoring data on demand.
Highly Secure Premium facilities & Office and call seats: Multiple locations.
Disaster Recovery as a Service Allows your data to be available off-site, and additionally compute to provide a complete backup IT environment in the event of a disaster situation.
Full Platform Recovery Dedicated or multi-subscriber.
Hands, Eyes and Feet Support Network connectivity, Re-Cycle the server, Read out on screen errors or post data.